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Fireproof paint

Flame retardant coating is a composition that makes structures resistant to high-temperature effects indoors and outdoors. It increases anticorrosive properties of construction and other objects of any complexity and has significant decorative qualities, low weight, and thickness. The processing with flame retardant substances is not time consuming.

Akterm Fire Protection is designed to ensure fire safety of fences (beams, supports, etc.) by forming a polymer film after application. It provides protection against fire for 45-120 minutes as well as protection against corrosion. We recommend to use it together with alkyd-urethane coatings and GF-021 primer. This liquid flame retardant material corresponds to GOST Р 53295-2009. It is applied in a layer of 2 mm or more at positive air temperature. Full drying takes 24 hours. The base with flame retardant coating is allowed to operate in the following t range: -60 – +260 ° C.