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Effective protection against moisture, fungus and mold

100% Elimination of Condensation Formation
Using AKTERM Anti-Condensate™ heat insulation coating is an easy, accessible and reliable way of fighting undesirable effects of conensation. Liquid insulation creates a defensive barrier for the building or facility inside or outside. Using a multifunctional coating with unique features is guaranteed to eliminate the possibility of condensation formation on any type of surface and thus creates a favorable climate inside.

The liquid heat insulation coating is easily applicable to any types of surfaces thus creating a smooth, even, eye-pleasing surface. Due to it being easy to use – similar to using traditional paint – it allows for a quality finish resistant to negative impact of the environment.

Reasons for Condensation Formation

Formation of condensation in the form of water streamlets on the surfaces of walls, ceilings or drops on windows, surfaces of pipes or transportation vehicles is a sign of insufficient or unsatisfactory insulation. Condensation is an ordinary yet very unpleasant phenomenon that happens because of the temperature gradient inside and outside the building or because of the difference between the outside temperature and the temperature of the liquid material inside, as is the case of pipelines . In a residential building condensation formation leads to increased humidity, creates unfavorable microclimate and uncomfortable living conditions. The formation of excessive humidity or an ice coating on metal surfaces, including pipes or parts of transportation vehicles, leads to premature wear because of rust and corrosion.

Using AKTERM® anti-condensation heat insulation coating helps to eliminate the problem of condensation formation regardless of the reason for this problem. AKTERM Anti-Condensate™ effectively insulates cracks and defects; it is applicable to uneven surfaces and hard-to-reach areas; it preserves warmth and guarantees safe protection against cold and moisture.