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Waterproofing: An Innovative Solution of Protection against Water

Precipitation, condensation, leakage, and flooding – exposure to various types of water adversely affects the external and internal surfaces of the house, as well as the materials of construction. The basement, roof, foundation, and bathroom suffer from the destructive impact most often. The house must be protected not only from the penetration of water, but also from its influence on the building material. Leaking into the structure of concrete or brick, moisture gradually destroys it, significantly reducing strength and durability. Therefore, one of the important stages of building or repairing a building is high-quality protective coatings against moisture and water.

The online store AKTERM offers innovative materials to protect buildings from water. We represent waterproofing coating of our own production, therefore, we guarantee its high quality and safety. The material is produced in a modern, technically equipped laboratory, where thorough checks are carried out at each stage of development: from the receipt of raw materials to the issuance of the finished product. The coatings are certified according to strict standards. The quality of the goods is confirmed not only by documents, but also by cooperation with such large companies as Gazprom, Lukoil, and Rosneft, as well as positive reviews from a large number of wholesale and retail customers.

Heat insulation is also needed when not all rooms in a building are heated or there are special purpose spaces such as a basement, a warehouse or a garage that maintains specific temperature different from room temperature for the purposes of effective storage or warehousing.