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Protection of steel surfaces against corrosion

Corrosion protection of steel structures is a prerequisite for the use of metal elements in any buildings. Containers made of metal, pipelines, and individual parts of mechanisms and vehicles could serve forever if not for the reactions that cause corrosion. Without being treated with a special compound, huge steel structures can collapse, causing enormous damage and killing people.

This complex interaction process ends with the destruction of the metal. It is difficult to deal with. It is better to prevent the reaction. To do this, apply anti-corrosion coating, which will create a protective film and protect the surface from harmful external influences. The result depends on the composition characteristics and the quality of its application.

Areas of Application and Characteristics

We cooperate with large and small enterprises, manufacturers of metal products, and consumers. Owners of cars, garages, garden piping, and even bicycles should timely apply modern means of protection against metal destruction.

This can be done with a brush, a roller, or a spray. AKTERM anti-corrosion coating will not only fulfill the main purpose, but also serve as a pleasant decor resistant to ultraviolet. Glossy surface does not accumulate water. Turning into drops, the water drips down.

Among the important characteristics is good adhesion with any surface. Pre-cleaning of rust is usually not required. The product is applied evenly, leaving no chance for water to meet with the metal. Decorative paint is applied well on the anti-corrosion coating by AKTERM.

The assortment of our online store offers protective agents for all types of metal and any type of construction. All our products are certified. Enamels and paints have been thoroughly tested in AKTERM’s own laboratory. They are fire-resistant, non-toxic, and resistant to temperature extremes and mechanical stress.